Upcoming Trips

August 5-6

Boulder Lakes, Boulder Lakes Trailhead

Everyone can enjoy this trip! These lakes are a perfect introduction to the world of backpacking. Swimming in lakes, sitting around campfires, and adventuring to nearby lakes, this trip has a little bit of everything.

August 18-20

Sifford Lakes Loop

This is a fantastic trip for those seeking some silence and solitude, the stargazing fanatic, or the newer backpacker. Lower mileage means we can cruise into the lakes and take it easy and spending 2 nights up there means time to enjoy and rest in the surrounding areas.

September 8-10

Granite Lake, Swift Creek Trailhead

This is a great trip to end an epic summer and kick off the fall. Warm temps during the day while the evenings cool off make this one of the best times to do a backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps. Lakes are often still at a good swimming temperature and crowds are few. Best part? No bugs!

September 22-24

Summit & Swan Lake Lp

A fall trip in Lassen means mildly warm days and cooler nights making this a perfect combo of dipping into lakes and hot drinks at night. We’ll cozy up with some backcountry cocktails as we plan our adventure for the next day. Saturday brings an off trail adventure opportunity up a seldom travelled cinder cone. At the top is a small hidden lake that we will spend the afternoon at swimming in and enjoying the solitude by. That evening we’ll practice our dinner skills along with baking a well deserved desert! The next morning we’ll pack up and head out, following a section of the PCT through meadows and marshes, rich with wildlife. We’ll finish our trip with another well deserved dip into Summit Lake and cheers to an epic adventure!

October 6-8

Canyon Creek Lakes, CC Trailhead

This is one of the most sought after destinations in the Trinity Alps. We love this trip in the fall because everything is turning into bright autumn colors, the crowds are gone, and the bugs have completely died off. This is an opportunity to experience the heart of the Trinity Alps in one of the most spectacular seasons.

Where You'll Go

Being at the epicenter of Northern California we have adventure and wilderness in all directions. WBAC engages with two major areas, Lassen National Park and Shasta Trinity Nation Forest. In these areas your guide will plan all different styles of trips; beginner, moderate, and difficult, ranging in mileage, elevation gain and loss, and speed at which you travel. The beautiful thing about this area is that there’s something incredible for everyone.

What You'll Learn

At Wild Beginnings we think it’s just as important to have a good time as it is to learn. We want you to feel capable and empowered to come back safely and confidently, while actually desiring to come back to the wilderness. To do that, we’ve found the middle ground between guiding and instructing. Each trip can be catered to the group’s needs. Whether that’s learning how to properly pack a backpack or how to cook a gormet backcountry dinner, we’ve got you covered.