Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Jelt Belt

April 26, 2017

We love when companies decide to be innovative with everyday accessories. That’s why, when Jelt Belt reached out to us, it was a hard ‘YES...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Tentsile

February 8, 2017

Have you seen the videos of those crazy tents suspended in trees? We have, and we think they’re crazy awesome. Tentsile a young and innovative c...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: DownTek

November 26, 2016

Better Businesses: DownTekWe saw a lot of innovative and sustainably driven businesses at Outdoor Retailer this year, but a few truly impressed Trek T...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Sweet Aroma Coffee

March 24, 2015

Better Businesses: Sweet Aroma Coffee Although coffee shops may not be directly related to the outdoor industry, most of us crazy, outdoor, enthusiast...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Uphill Designs Trekking Poles

January 30, 2015

Founded by engineers Dan Sedlacek and Mounica Sonikar and business student David DeBey, Washington-based company Uphill Designs makes sustainable bamb...


Better Businesses: Cotopaxi, Gear for Good

December 30, 2014

With a mission to ‘disrupt the outdoor industry’ in hopes to empower, encourage, and challenge companies to do more for humanity, it’s hard to ignore ...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Arc’Teryx, The Gentle Giant

November 29, 2013

Whether by giving back to the local community, constantly researching ways of being more environmentally conscious, or diligently working to keep heal...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: RAMP Sports

November 11, 2013

Looking for a cleaner ride? RAMP Sports is hand-making snowboards and skis in Utah using environmentally sound materials made in the good old US of A....

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Freewaters Makes Shoes in Santa Cruz, Wells in Africa

September 20, 2013

Freewaters not only uses eco-friendly materials to make its footwear, they also use a portion of their proceeds to build wells in Africa. Hecker chatt...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Miir Bottles

August 27, 2013

We recently spoke with Bryan Pape, the CEO and founder of Miir, a water bottle and more recently, a commuter bike company that is dedicated to improvi...

Better Businesses

Better Businesses: Mountain Hardwear

July 18, 2013

We're highlighting great companies that are doing things right, Up today is Mountain Hardware, a company who's mantra is reflected in their work.