About WBAC

The WBAC exists to provide you with the opportunity to experience wilderness. We have a driving passion to get people, especially women, out into the wild and connected with other adventurers. We want to show that you can go into the backcountry and learn, experience, laugh, struggle, and be in awe of the creative wild. We want to teach the basics of backcountry travel and living in a fun and engaging way so that you’ll leave with a longing to come back…this time with the ability and empowerment to do it yourself. Our women specific trips offer these things but among the leadership, company, and encouragement of other ladies.

At Wild Beginnings, we don’t let lack of gear or outdoor community hinder you. We include everything except clothing and footwear for our trips and provide you with the opportunity to meet new friends and create an outdoor community of your own. We will cook for you as well as teach how to prepare and cook an epic back country meal on your own. And yes, you will learn how to properly poop in the woods. Come adventure with us!


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Your Guide

Wendy Ewing is a Washington native and Northern California transplant. Growing up at the base of the North Cascades, her entire upbringing revolved around the mountains. With her family, Wendy spent most of her childhood backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, and mountain biking. She moved to California in 2009 to attend Simpson University and graduated 4 years later with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Outdoor Leadership. With heavy involvement in student development and the outdoor leadership program, Wendy found herself wanting help people experience the outdoors in the ways she was so fortunate to, especially women.  With a strong passion for wilderness ethics and personal growth and development, she decided to pursue building Wild Beginnings Adventure Co.

Wendy has written gear reviews for Trek Tech, Innovation & Tech Today, and Active Junky. In the winter season you can find her back country skiing and both trail running and mountain biking the rest of the year. Wendy lives in Shasta Lake, CA with her husband, John, and their adventure retriever, Sauvie.