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Feetures and Rollga: The answers to your last minute shopping

If you’re anything like me, Christmas is wonderful….but giving gifts is not your strength. I end up waiting until the last second and then stress buy. And what about stocking stuffers? I mean, people can only get so excited about an orange.

Wild Beginnings thought it would be a good idea to bring you the best idea ever for gifts or stocking stuffers.


No, really! The sock company, Feetures makes highly technical, incredible socks that have become a big deal in the outdoor industry. With different cushion levels, heights, and compression, there’s something everyone in the family, outdoorsy or not.

I spent the summer and fall running, hiking, and hanging around in camp shoes in Feetures Socks with cushion of all levels. Here’s why I love them.

Heavy Cushion: These low profile, no show socks are my go to for trail running. I personally love the extra cushion for Northern California trails. If you’ve never ran on a trail near Redding, CA, let me educate you. They’re hard (that’s what she said). But seriously, trails around here are basically concrete 8 months out of the year with sharp gnarly rocks everywhere. Even with trail shoes that are built with cushion, that extra bit of sock cushion is a welcome feel. And if you do happen to be running in a minimalist shoe, you’ll find yourself most grateful for this heavy cushion.

Light Cushion: Ski season training is upon us and that means gym time along side trail time. The ultra light to light cushion Feetures work great on gym days. I don’t know about everyone else, but this ‘glistening’ shit people talk about, it’s not my story. The lighter cushion gives a lot more breathability and less slippage as you’re working on those bosu squats. Feetures light cushion compression sock that works circulation wonders as well as socks specific to relieving planter fasciitis pain.

Elite + Merino: Did I mention we’ve been hiking a lot this year? Backpacking trips almost every weekend means a lot of miles in boots with a pack on. Now, I grew up with the 2 sock method, but not anymore. I found just the Elite Merino sock with medium cushion was perfect for long days on the trail. Not only did I manage to escape blistering, the Merino wool blend helped significantly in reducing the stench that comes with removing your boot. Trust me, your tent mate will thank you. 

Rollga Foam Roller

For the more avid athlete or recovery guru in your crew, we suggest a foam roller. I’ve been especially stoked on the Rollga foam roller. This funky shaped roller is omni directional and designed to restore functional movement, increase mobility, and aid in all kinds of muscle recovery. They even make instructional videos so you can be sure to get the most use out the thing. I’ve used it all year after backpacking trips, ski training sessions, and long trail runs. It’s one of those comforts you look forward to and fantasize about while on the trail…



Wendy Ewing

Wendy Ewing is a Washignton native and Northern California transplant. Growing up at the base of the North Cascades, her entire upbringing revolved around the mountains. With her family, Wendy spent most of her childhood backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, and mountain biking. With a strong passion for wilderness ethics and personal growth and development, she decided to pursue building Wild Beginnings Adventure Co. Wendy has written gear reviews for Trek Tech, Innovation & Tech Today, and Active Junky. In the winter season you can find her back country skiing and both trail running and mountain biking the rest of the year. Wendy lives in Shasta Lake, CA with her husband, John, and their adventure retriever, Sauvie.