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Gear Review: Knee Binding Mist

The Good: Solid built with a design to save necessary body parts for skiing. The Bad: Your buddy’s injury when he decides to go with a cheap crappy binding. The Ugly: #websitemakeover So, what’s there to talk about with a downhill ski bindings? If we’re being honest, your average Jo Shmo wouldn’t think very much. But to people who’ve suffered injury due to release malfunction and failure, a good binding can mean everything. Well, the folks over at Knee Binding said ‘what the hell?’ to the 70,000 ski related injuries every year and decided to change the industry. They know their stuff and created a binding that was strong, super functional, and saved the knees. IMG_6437 IMG_6447

What Makes Knee Binding Different
Knee Binding has a third dimension called a Purelateral heel release. This means the heel can detect forces that typically cause knee injuries and release before you screw yourself over for years to come. Basically, you can catch an edge on the tip, tail, or tip and tale and the binding will release before your ligaments do. The other big deal is the FlexFloat mounting system. This allows the ski to flex naturally when it needs to and move with the terrain. Pre release is significantly minimized with this feature. Lastly, their professional grade bindings are made here in the USA, and who doesn’t love that. Knee Binding makes several bindings with Dins ranging from 3-14. IMG_6443 IMG_6452
The Mist
Did you know, women are more susceptible to knee injuries than men? No? Me either. Thanks, KB, for the beta. They sent us over the Mist, a women specific binding, to try out on the slopes of Mount Shasta. The Mist, while relatively lightweight, remains rigid and durable. When we stepped into these bindings it was like stepping into a set of jaws. It just felt insanely solid. As we headed downhill, the feeling of confidence, knowing your bindings had such a versatile range of release, was overwhelming. IMG_6441
So, how do we know all this for sure?
There’s a plethora of videos on KB’s website showing the manufacturing process and testing of the binding. Actually, their whole website is filled with good to know information about bindings, knees, and everything in between. These guys could use a serious make over on their website, but hey, I guess when you win a bunch of awards,  your website can look like 2001.