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Hurtta Extreme Warmer: $88

Sometimes our winter adventures are just too cold to bring our furry friends along. Not all of them have coats like Huskies or Berners. Well, Hurtta decided that just wouldn’t do, so they made a dog coat that would allow pups to withstand some pretty cold temps.  And since our canine intern here at Trek Tech loves winter adventuring, we had to try it. img_6374 img_6409 The Extreme Warmer is a serious parka for pooches. While covering all the major muscle groups, the jacket still allows for full mobility. This is important for dogs like the Roaming Retriever who find bounding through the snow far better than walking. The shell of the Warmer is weather resistant while the liner is covered in foiling so to reflect back the heat your pup’s putting off. We find this super helpful when the temps drop and Sauvie slows down. If your dog doesn’t hate it too much, there’s a protective hood that can be pulled up and ever their ears and synched down when the winds pick up. Understandably, Sauvie despises this feature despite its usefulness. One of the best things about this jacket is all the adjustability. There are several synching points and the strap that secures the jacket around his body is easily adjustable. The leg loops are another nice securing feature to this parka. img_6398 img_6366 While the Roaming Retriever frequents the snow quite often, we’ve never taken him winter camping. We thought we would give it a go since we had the Extreme Warmer. A couple of us headed up to Mount Shasta, near Panther meadows around 7500ft where the high for that day was 26 ….and the low was scheduled to be 15. That 15 degrees ended up being 9 degrees that night. Unsurprisingly, Sauvie was in heaven the whole time. Bounding, leaping, and charging through the snow, we’ve never seen a Golden Retriever more in his element. All was well, even when the sun went down. The temperature immediately starting dropping but as long as we stayed moving, our intern was happy. Sauvie only began shivering in his coat when we sat down to start cooking, so we finished up and moved to the tent. Curled up between the two of us on a pad and sleeping bag, Sauvie slept the night away, periodically licking our faces through the tiny face holes of our sleeping bags. img_6377-1 If you’re out adventuring in the snow and cold and you’re four legged friend doesn’t quite have the furry coat required to keep them warm, the Extreme Warmer by Hurtta will provide that extra layer of protection and insulation. This coat now lives in our car during the winter season so Sauvie always has the ability to adventure with us, no matter what the conditions. img_6391