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EzyDog Element Jacket

EzyDog Element Jacket: $40

The Roaming Retriever is a golden who loves TRAILS. He loves to be off leash and the longer the adventure, the better. But most importantly Sauvie loves trail in ALL types of weather conditions; snow, rain, freezing cold mornings…it doesn’t matter. We have a dog that gives us the look of ‘you hate me’ if we don’t take him out on the trail. So to keep Sauvie safe and comfortable on those shitty weather endeavors, take along the Element Jacket from Ezydog.



This canine jacket is perfect for a one coat quiver for active dogs. The shell is wind and weatherproof, made with 600 denier (really tough) material. The lining is this magic stuff called non-piling fleece, and if you’ve heard of it, you know we’re not joking when we call it magic. Super soft and warm, this stuff holds up over time to the constant abrasion of dog fur. Fitting this shell over Sauvie is, well, Ezy (I couldn’t resist). The neck hole is wide enough to fit over a collar so there’s no hassling an excited trail pup. The straps at the bottom of the chest plate clip to the upper jacket and are both adjustable and stretchy, allowing for optimal fit and comfort. img_6295 Tested on the trails of Northern California, we’re digging this jacket for a number of reasons. The first is that it’s the perfect weight to warmth ratio for an active adventurer with fur of any kind. The fleece liner adds just the right amount of warmth to a frosty morning run. Second, it’s leash compatible. Sadly, dogs can’t always be off leash. The Element has a double zipper of the back allowing the leash access to the collar or harness underneath. Third, it comes in colors! We love the orange simply for visibility but EzyDog also makes a red and blue version. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset For the active dog adventuring in iffy weather, the Element Jacket is a great addition. It’s not a puffy or a parka so snow camping might be out. It is, however,  a perfect layer for dogs on the move during the fall, winter, and spring season.