Gear Reviews
As winter approaches, don’t let the cold and wet weather keep you inside! Hurtta supplies several pieces of gear that are built to be durable and warm enough for harsh conditions. We’ve gathered a few of The Roaming Retriever’s favorites to show you how to have the most active winter you can with your four legged friend.

Hurtta Active Harness: $40

Sometimes your dog just needs to be reminded it’s safe with Alpha. And sometimes we need reminders our canine’s are strong, excitable animals. The Active Harness by Hurtta is a strong and durable harness for your pooch that has extra padding for comfort. This harness is easy to put on, easy to adjust, and easy for your dog to move in. Allowing for full mobility means a comfortable fit for your pup. img_6226 img_6245 We use this harness anytime we take the Roaming Retriever in public, rain or shine. While he does great with other dogs off leash, the territory that comes with a leash can cause a bit of reactivity. With a clip for the leash now by his shoulder blades, the active harness allows his humans a lot more control with a lot less discomfort for Sauvie if he lunges. The harness provides a feeling of safety for both human and canine for adventures ranging from trails to downtown. img_6207

Hurtta Summit Parka: $80

Snow and cold weather should never keep you from adventuring with your pup. When the temperature drops, let your pup pull on the Summit Parka. The Summit is basically a puffy for your puppy. Similar to the Torrent Jacket- it fits easily over the head and then a strap fastens the jacket around the body. Leg loops on the inside of the jacket keep it in place as Sauvie races through the snow. img_5890 We find this parka to be perfect for hikes or skis through the snow in cold conditions. It has the perfect balance of warmth to breathability that is necessary for dogs who are active in cold weather. It’s also a great piece to throw over your pup to warm them up if they’ve been unprotected in cold weather. We recently brought this layer on a trip to the Trinity Alps. after a hour of hiking in the cold and rain in his Torrent jacket, we switched Sauvie to the Summit after getting back to the vehicle. The Summit is built with HoundTex coating so it handle the weather just as much as your pup can. img_5889-1

Hurtta Outback Boots: $30

Snow, Granite, the nasty chemicals they use to de-ice the roads, these can all have major effects on your pup’s pads. The Outback boots cover the entire paw while still providing excellent grip and mobility. The boot bottoms are made of durable rubber than sticks to just about anything Sauvie decides to travel over. The Velcro strap allows quick and easy adjustability and the upper shoe is made of weatherproof Houdtex Softshell. img_6190 img_6179 At the risk of being stoned to death, I’ll admit we got these after learning the hard way. Our first backpacking trip with the Roaming Retriever included a lot of travel on granite slabs and some unforeseen cross country travel. As amazing as Sauvie did, by the end of the trip his pads were worn and even raw in a couple small places. Talk about feeling like the worst dog mom in the WORLD. Sauvie now has boots that we take on every backpacking adventure, just in case. img_6176 These boots will hold up great for a dog that hikes. Our dog runs frantic with excitement for the first mile on trails so we have trouble keeping the boots on until he calms to a walk. Of course, it also takes some time for a dog to adjust to weird obstructions on their paws. We are constantly throwing these bad boys on Sauvies paws for small amounts of time just to get him not walking like a spastic duck. And yes, there are treats with every Outback Boot fitting. img_6264