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The Burley Tail Wagon

Burley Tail Wagon $400 There’s nothing better than your 4 legged best friend tagging along on cycling adventures. However, sometimes our canine partners are too small or maybe too old to join us on the ground. Or maybe the distance is too long. The Burley Tail Wagon allows us dog loving travelers to bring them along with us no matter the distance.    IMG_5216 The Tail Wagon requires a relatively quick set up with a bit of bike mechanics knowledge. We love this wagon because it has accommodations for everything. The roll up cover has zippers and mesh windows allowing for maximum airflow. A plastic covering can zip down over these windows if the elements accompany you on your ride. The drop down tailgate allow smaller dogs or dogs with mobility struggles to get into the carrier with little to no trouble. And of course, there’s plenty of pocket space for storing your pup’s gear. There’s even a removable floor for easy cleaning. Our favorite part? By just unclipping the top bars, the trailer folds flat down on itself for super easy and compact travel. Once the wagon is set up, it easily attaches to the back wheel of your bike and you’re ready to head out on the adventure…provided your pup is ready. IMG_5251 We attempted to persuade our canine intern, Sauvie, into the Tail Wagon but unfortunately, he wasn’t having any of it. After several failed attempts, we gave up and let him run next to the wagon while our TT team mascot (The Crimson Ass) rode in the back. What can you expect from a 2 year old golden who is used to running next to his human. IMG_5269 We took this wagon on the paved river trail here in town. Surprisingly, the Tail Wagon was hardly noticeable on the back of the bike. The 16” spoked alloy wheels rode smoothly over the pavement and the wagon itself turned fluidly with the bike, two very important factors while riding great distances with a trailer. After some paver testing we figured we’d give the Burley tail Wagon a bit of testing ‘Trek Tech’ has a reputation for. Northern California is known for its rocky trails and though not meant for single-track riding, we thought, ‘why not’. Let’s see how well the Tail Wagon holds up. And again, we were impressed! Even when trailing slightly off trail (it’s much wider than a bike, you see), the wagon held up strong. Although, when riding technical downhill parts, we must admit, it might create some serious nausea for your pup. I can’t say we recommend taking this trailer on single-track rides, at least not yet. This winter however, Burley is coming out with a more mountain friendly wheel kit that can handle a bit more than just pavement. These new 16×3 tires are wider with knobby tread, allowing you to adventure in tougher terrain. 12B830A1-A030-44E9-8717-EF4D31451B4F