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Summer Trail Running with Hurtta

Hurtta Running Belt: $30 Hands free running is a must for our trail runner at Trek Tech. We expect pockets or running vests for our phones, keys, and fuel. So what happens when you add dog to the mix? All of the sudden you have poop bags and fuel for your pup added to the mix, not to mention a leash to hold depending on whether or not you run your dog off leash. We’ve found the solution is the Hurtta Running Belt. With several pockets this streamlined and unobtrusive belt provides room for all your crap plus the dog’s…it even fits an iPhone6. With a detachable treat bag and designated opening to pull out poop bags, it makes running with a dog manageable and functional. IMG_5765 IMG_5745 Hurtta Cooling Vest: $30 In Northern California the summers are hot. Like, annoyingly, miserably, unbearably, hot. Trail runners have to either suffer that heat or wake up at before the sun to get our training in. Things get even more serious when your running partner is a dog. The Hurtta Cooling Vest allows the both of you to keep hitting the trails despite the heat.  Simply soak in cold water, wring it out, and zip up over your pup. The Roaming Retriever wears this vest on any run over 80 degrees. During our runs we’ve noticed most of the moisture migrates to the chest region, keeping his chest and heart area cool the whole run. This mesh like vest has an amazing absorbency ability and retains moisture for over an hour, even in 90+ degree weather. It’s an ironic feeling to know your canine running buddy just had a cooler run than you did. IMG_5382 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Always make sure your dog is conditioned to heat, well hydrated, and monitored on all your summer adventures, even if they are wearing the cooling vest.