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The EzyDog Doggy Floatation Vest and Rashie

DFD- Dog Flotation Device, a total necessity if you’re spending long days out in the water with your pup. We’ve learned that dogs are like kids, they’ll play in water till they’re shivering cold and won’t tell you until you see the their lips are blue. A DFD not only helps keep you dog safe in water, it allows them to play harder for longer. IMG_4977 The EzyDog Doggy Flotation Vest ($42-$65) is a highly functional, easy to put on DFD. By slipping the vest over the head of our canine intern and clipping the neoprene straps around his girth, Sauvie experienced total movement both in water as well as on land. The shape and fit of the vest kept Sauvie in his normal swimming position and lessened the effort of keeping his head above water. An important factor when you’re trying to retrieve¬†3 sticks at a time in your mouth. IMG_4950 The Doggy Flotation Vest goes hand in hand with EzyDog’s new Rashie ($30), a canine rash guard. Despite the, “what the hell is that?” look we received from our test dog, the rash guard can be an important addition to long days spent in the water and sun. The Rashie protects from UV rays and keeps your pooch visible in large bodies of water or highly crowded beaches. Additionally, the quick drying, odor resistant fabric means it’s ready to go on the next adventure when you are. IMG_5356