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BUFF Up Your Summer

Have you heard of this weird thing people are calling BUFFs? We have, and we love them. In fact, we remember walking around REI 20 years ago as kids and seeing this weird (but totally cool) headband/scarf thing and begging our parents to buy us one. An excellent blend of style, function, and variety, BUFFs continue to be an asset to any adventure. They even make BUFFs for our four legged adventure partners. This seamless, tubular (pun intended) bandana like piece of gear comes in useful performance fabric like merino wool and with UV or bug protection. The different size make buffs versatile enough for just about any activity while different colors and styles allow you to do you. IMG_5173 Our current favorite is the Merino wool BUFF ($29), perfect for spring skiing, summer backpacking, and adding a bit of ‘boho’ to your style this summer. Trek Tech’s Roaming Retriever prefers the Insect Shield BUFF ($15) that looks totally incognito as a collar. When covering the ears, bugs stay away from his ears and eyes and Sauvie can fully enjoy his adventures. Head on over to BUFF to check out their full array of options, we’re confident you’ll find something suited for your adventure.