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Review: La Sportiva Akasha

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La Sportiva company profile

La Sportiva is another Italian footwear company that develops highly functional and technical boots and shoes. This company, born at the base of Dolomites has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with footwear for 85 years and now has their North American base in Boulder, Colorado.

La Sportiva Akasha – 9.8oz 1/2 pair, $140

The La Sportiva Akasha is a high performance trail shoe built to protect you from even the most challenging of terrains. The combination of mesh and a poly leather blend make this a stable and supportive shoe for those who take trail over road. The balance of protective features and cushion gives way to long runs on difficult terrain. IMG_5383
A tough shoe built for spending all day on tough trails.
1. Upper/Inside Shoe Composition The Akasha upper is a mix of durably woven mesh, supportive poly leather blend, and a protective rubber toe cap. The laces run through the poly leather blend creating a hug around the foot while the rubber toe cap protects the less graceful runner or those on ugly terrain. The durable mesh can also be found in the heel of the shoe providing total comfort and breathability. 2. Midsole Shoe Construction. The Cushion Platform of this shoe makes the Akasha perfect for long training days. The Dual-Injection shock absorbing Memlex EVA essentially means cushion with out the weight. With a 6mm drop, your feet will be happy with out the weight the weight. 3. Outer Sole Construction Tough, responsive, and with a death grip, this shoe is everything you want on rocky, rooty trails. The tread is made of a supremely grippy climbing rubber La Sportive has termed FriXion XT. The tread has lugs built in opposing slanting directions increasing your braking power by 20%, definitely helpful during those ridge line runs.
A stable, cushioned trail shoe that protects you in more ways than one.
1. The Akasha took on several trail miles over rock and root, here in Northern California. IMG_5382 The Akasha though comfortable, felt snug right out of the box. Our tester felt she should probably be running in a half size larger in La Sportiva shoes. On the trails it felt stiff yet easily rolled over the terrain she was covering. Totally light weight, our tester rejoiced that she didn’t feel like she was running in hiking boots. These shoes are as stable as the rocks the roll over. Totally secure, these shoes give you confidence tho tackle any trail. The supremely grippy tread lets you take these in all seasons, on any type of terrain. Despite her feet feeling cramped, our tester reported no blisters or hotspots. The toe cap remained a favorite for our tester, as she has ran in other La Sportive shoes that have toe caps. And although light weight, the tread and cushion of these shoes makes for smooth and painless run over painful rocks. IMG_5380
In conclusion…
The La Sportiva Akasha offers big mileage with cushion, performance, and major protection. Take this shoe with you as you tackle those trails people cringe at.