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Hurtta Torrent Canine Jacket

Hurtta Torrent Canine Jacket $75 The Good: Lightweight, soundless jacket keeps your canine protected from the elements. The Bad: There’s totally a level of disappointment from water loving dogs when they see you trying to keep them dry. The Quick: No more towel battles at the door, this jacket allows for a quick wipe of the lower legs and feet and Fido is ready for the house. IMG_3825 Rain, rain, come and play! Keep the adventures going in wet weather with the Hurtta Torrent Jacket. Like a poncho for pups, this jacket keeps dogs dry from the top down so coming in the house after an adventure in the rain is a breeze rather than battle. Protective against both rain and wind, this is a go anywhere necessity for your four legged friend. IMG_3942 We trail run here at Trek Tech, and we do it rain or shine. It’s no exception for our canine companions. We took Sauvie, The Roaming Retriever, out in this jacket during several rain and wind storms. Fortunately for mom, the Torrent did exactly what it claimed to do and it meant a quick wipe of the paws and legs before going in the house. Because the Torrent is built to allow the dog to retain total mobility, after a couple times of wearing the it, Sauvie became totally used to the jacket and now seems to forget it’s even there. From running full speed after a frisbee to prolonged trail runs, this jacket moves with the dog. Sauvie, however, would much prefer to run naked in the rain, I’m sure. IMG_3809 IMG_3853 The Torrent in made for both rain and wind protection. Built with Houndtex coating, the fabric is water resistant and breathable, perfect for hiking, trail running, or training in less than ideal weather conditions. Even better, this outdoor fabric is relatively quiet so no infamous ‘swishing’ sound of GorTex. We found this jacket to be super user friendly with a wide neck to pull over the dog’s head that later has the ability to be cinched down. There are leg loops and a snap button to secure the coverage around his back and tail as well. To complete the fit, a buckle strap goes around the middle of the dog to secure the jacket around his body. An opening in the jacket near the shoulder blades allows you to easily attach a leash to either a collar or harness with out compromising the protective integrity. Be sure to measure your dog to get the perfect fit, Sauvie’s is a tad large so it looks closer to a poncho than a jacket. Light and packable and super quick to dry, this protective layer is ready for the next adventure right away. IMG_3829 (1)IMG_3922 IMG_3862