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Super Natural Merino Blend Base Layers – Soft, Warm, and Durable

Super Natural Merino Blend Base Layers – Coming Real Soon! (This Fall) The Good: It’s light, warm, and doesn’t hold onto your work out stench. The Bad: If you’re not used to the feeling of wool, it can be a bit irritating against the skin. The Versatile: You can use this shirt for literally any cool weather activity imaginable. When someone offers a chance to test a shirt that claims to not hold onto stench between washes, minimize workout odor, that’s also lightweight and breathable – you just can’t decline. This base layer proved its worth during multiple adventures: mountain biking, running, skiing, backpacking…church. All of these excursions with only a couple washings. So what’s the verdict for a piece this versatile? A kisk-ass shirt minus the nasty-ass smell.IMG_0415 Let’s be real, the armpits of most of our shirts can get rank, even after being thoroughly washed. The SuperNatural top held for at least 3 work outs with out taking on that kind of smell. At most, the shirt begins to smell a little musky, but nothing that makes you want to throw up in your mouth. For example, the shirt went through a run and a particularly sweaty p90x work out the next day. I saw Trek Tech’s editor and made him smell me (yes, he gave me a weird look). Nothing to report! He said I didn’t smell at all. Thanks, Billy.IMG_0424 I tested the 140-weight long sleeve base layer, perfect for cool conditions or under another layer for colder weather. Sweating in the top was no big deal. Being 50% merino wool with a moisture wicking design, it dried quickly and kept skin from getting chilled in the process. The sleeves even have thumb loops. I don’t know about you guys, but I love thumb loops. As light and packable as it is, you shouldn’t be taking any adventures with out it. For those looking for something a bit heavier and warmer, Super Natural also makes a 175-weight top. Look for them coming out this fall to the US.