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Heat Holder Socks – Warm, but Bulky

Ladies Original Heat Holder Socks 15.99,  The Good: Your feet have never been so warm for so long. The Bad: You aren’t going to fit these socks into very many shoes. The Ugly: Sweaty feet aren’t good for anyone.  I am notorious for having cold hands and feet all the time. The Heat Holder sock uses a super high-loft acrylic blend to hold in heat. When I say ‘high-loft’, I mean your feet look like little balloons. In my husband’s terms, “those things are ridiculous!” My response? “Yeah, but my feet are like a furnace!” And they really are, in fact, if the environment gets too warm, your feet will sweat. In the last couple months I’ve found these socks are great for long road trips, plane rides, walking around a house will hard and cold floors, and sleeping in (if the room is cool). They are the ultimate comfy pair of socks. Plus they come in a variety of colors for men, women, and kids, as well as different types of heat holders. Check out the other varieties here. Problem is, they’re big and  take up a lot of room. It would be difficult to fit them into any tightly snug shoe. For the backpacker, if you can afford the space and weight, I would suggest taking them as camp/sleep socks. I have problems with my feet staying warm at night in the mountains so these socks are coming with me on my next trip where pack weight doesn’t matter. As for now, they will stay my go-to house socks. No more cold feet for this girl.