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Arc’Teryx’s Atom LT Hoody Review: Finding Warmth on The Lost Coast

Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody ($219, The Good: Almost everything. It’s warm, light, functional, and for you ladies, fashionable. The Bad: Well…it’s a bit pricy. Though totally worth it, it’s one of those things you have to save up for and bite the bullet with. The Ugly: The hood looks a little funky with it being so round and built for helmet compatibility. You know those products you drool over and try for hours to justify to your significant other all the reasons why you need it? And, of course, those reasons are met with rolling eyes. Yeah, me too. Thankfully I have a mom who understands this problem. She surprised me with the Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody before I even had the chance to plead for it. And the best part? She provided me with the reasons I needed it! It’s light as a feather…minus the feathers: I received this jacket right before my 14-day expedition on the Lost Coast in northern California. The year before I had taken a softshell on the trip and in my mom’s opinion (and mine might I add) it was far too heavy for an expedition. So in May of 2012 I gladly sported this 13 oz., Coreloft filled, blue beauty on the miles and miles of sand “trail”… It’s Breathable and Water Resistant: Yes, miles of walking on a beach. Let me tell you, if you’ve ever walked with a 65 lbs. pack on your back in sand, then you know it’s a work out. The Atom hoody has a hard nylon shell that sheds a light rain (and on the coast, that’s nice to have around) while keeping your pits nice and ventilated with a spandex/polyester blend running from above the armpits all the way down to the bottom of the jacket. I found that this also allows for wonderful movement and flex of the jacket. I’ve even worn the thing rock climbing. It’s literally like wearing a jacket-shaped sleeping bag: This is one of the warmest insulating jackets I have ever worn that isn’t down. The Coreloft insulation that Arcteryx uses really does a good job. Example: Skate skiing in 7-degree weather with a polypro shirt and this jacket kept me comfortably warm. Seriously? This jacket just keeps getting better! Not to mention it kept me cozy in a cold downpour on the Lost Coast trip with just a shell over it. This jacket has officially become my best friend (is that weird?)* and I can use it in so many scenarios. For those of you who don’t like blue they have like 8 other colors and it fits beautifully. Plus the hood is big enough to fit a climbing helmet under it. Also, for those of you who read my Christmas wish list, you know how much I love Arcteryx as a company. This product only furthers my respect for them. *Yes, it is weird. But it’s our kind of weird. Billy