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Wild Beginnings
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The WBAC exists to provide you with the opportunity to experience wilderness. We have a driving passion to get people, especially women, out into the wild and connected with other adventurers. We want to show that you can go into the backcountry and learn, experience, laugh, struggle, and be in awe of the creative wild. We want to teach the basics of backcountry travel and living in a fun and engaging way so that you’ll leave with a longing to come back…this time with the ability and empowerment to do it yourself. Our women specific trips offer these things but among the leadership, company, and encouragement of other ladies.

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    Where You'll Go

    Being at the epicenter of Northern California we have adventure and wilderness in all directions. WBAC engages with two major areas, Lassen National Park and Shasta Trinity Nation Forest. In these areas your guide will plan all different styles of trips; beginner, moderate, and difficult, ranging in mileage, elevation gain and loss, and speed at which you travel. The beautiful thing about this area is that there’s something incredible for everyone.

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    What You'll Learn

    At Wild Beginnings we think it’s just as important to have a good time as it is to learn. We want you to feel capable, empowered, and with a genuine desire to return to wilderness. To do that, we’ve found the middle ground between guiding and instructing. Each trip can be catered to the group’s needs. Whether that’s learning how to properly pack a backpack or learning how to cook a gormet back country dinner, we’ve got you covered.